The Consumer Matters is the blog of Leslie Grandy, aka Gearhead Gal.  My passion is creating and delivering compelling products that delight customers through simple and elegant user experience design.

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Favorite Tweets Of The Day

@dannysullivan can we agree? it's not an NYT paywall, it's an idiotwall. designed by idiots to get money from idiots, the idioci. Prob will work a bit, too

@gary_hustwit "You have to systematically create confusion, it sets creativity free." Jasper Johns

The importance of storytelling RT@PeterGuber How to Make Your Career A Hollywood Blockbuster


A Few Of My Favorite Tweets

RT@punchcut 5 considerations for  UI: "Not a Phone, Not a PC: Why Tablets Must Be Different"   

RT@: If You Are a Startup Founder, You Need To See This 

RT@ Denying the existence of Android fragmentation is the technological equivalent of being a Global Warming unbeliever.

RT@ webinar w/Berkeley's Hank Chesbrough, the world's leading expert on "open innovation." (Nov 11)


Favorite Tweets Of The Last Week

After taking a few days to listen to real, flesh and blood humans discuss the future of digital technology, I tackled a backlog of commentary from the Twitterverse. Here are some of the nuggets I found buried in my stream.

Genius! RT@cshirky My next book will be 'Wikipedia Brown', about a boy detective who solves crimes by getting his friends to do all the work.

Consumers with an income of $100,000 or more are among the most likely to use coupons /via @adwise << interesting!

RT @emarketer Case you missed this: How Consumers Balance Openness and Privacy -



Favorite Tweets of the Day

RT @DesignerDepot: The Dos and Do Nots of Mobile Applications Sez don’t mix mobile app and mobile web

RT @ tonyadam My thoughts on the hot topic - A resume doesn't tell the whole story - Well said.