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[Video] Innovation, Storytelling, and Keeping Up with Steve Jobs

This is a very graphical and visual four and a half minute video summary of an article in the California Management Review Fall 2007 issue, "Innovation as a Learning Process: Embedding Design Thinking". The link to the full article is below the video reference in italics.

Innovation as a Learning Process from Roger Shealy on Vimeo.

"Innovation as a Learning Process: Embedded Design Thinking"

The portion of the article that continues to be timely, especially in tough economic times, is buried on page 48.

Many engineering-driven organizations start with solutions and then  in classic technology push-fashion, place those solutions in the market to see whether or not there is a need. Today, in fact, it has become quite popular to engage in the “express test cycle”, iterating rapidly between observation and solutions, but remaining in the concrete realm of the innovation process. Unfortunately, while this approach may well uncover many use and usability needs, it often fails to discover the higher level meaning-based needs that can be crucial to the success of an innovation.

The authors go on to point out that innovation doesn't only have to be born with the launch of new products and services. Simplifying the complex process a consumer must go through to execute a desired outcome may be the most important innovation for a business. Process innovation may ultimately revolutionize the way a consumer behaves such that new profit or revenue opportunities may be enabled.  This video and the full article are great reminders of what power lies in innovation of an enterprise's existing businesses and customer touchpoints.



Trying to Think Differently? Here Are Stories To Challenge and Inspire You

Some of my favorite business and design thinkers - John Maeda, Roger Martin, Bill Buxton, Paola Antonelli, Don Tapscott - recently participated in the Business Innovation Summit, and their videos have now been posted to the summit's website. One of the co-hosts of the event, Bill Taylor, also wrote one of my Favorite Reads, "Mavericks at Work", which I picked up in a European paperback edition at an airport in Seoul, Korea when I needed a book for the long flight home.

In each of the videos, speakers share their personal stories and their perspective about the changing face of business, the economy and the impact of both on design and innovation processes. Perhaps because I am a woman, and a huge fan of the MOMA catalog, I found Paolo Antonelli's story about her job interview resonated most personally. Listening to her, I was reminded of the interview question posed to me by Phil Schiller, the famed Apple SVP of Product Marketing. In reviewing my qualifications for a position at Apple, he searched through my work history, looked up from my resume and said, "How does it feel to have been the product manager of such crappy products?"

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