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A Listicle for Product Managers Who Love Game Of Thrones

Listicles are all over the web. Publishers have discovered they work with audiences, despite old media efforts to dismiss them as a lazy person's tool to communicate.  And, I have to admit, I enjoy the creativity they engender.  Listicles that work best are ones that find an unusual theme or angle to curate the main points the author (and curator) wishes to make.  

Which brings me to this recent listicle, "5 Things a Product Manager Can Learn from Game of Thrones" that help product managers who are fans of the show learn a thing or two about how to perform better and be most successful. 

"Each of the main characters in HBO’s adaptation of G.R.R. Martin’s fantasy epic Game of Thrones have their own motivations and methods that forward their goals, for good, evil, or something in between. And a careful examination of those characters reveals some common risks that Product Managers (and other roles) face in the business world on a daily basis. Here are five examples of things that any clever Product Manager can learn from watching Game of more"