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Mary Meeker's All Things Digital Report - 2012 Internet Trends

Published May 2012 by Mary Meeker and Liang Wu

This report talks about today’s Internet growth and provides an in-depth look for the following new trends: 1) review of Internet stats and notes that Internet growth remains robust and rapid mobile adoption is still in early stages; 2) run through a number of examples of business models that are being re-imagined and re-invented thanks to mobile and social; 3) highlight mixed economic trends and 4) observe that while there’s a lot to be excited about in technology, there are things to be worried about regarding America’s financial situation.

KPCB Internet Trends 2012


Favorite Tweets of the Day

It's been a while since I posted any tweets that captured my attention. Here now is an eclectic group of ideas to ponder for a Monday AM.

RT @mindful_living “I am a very old man and have suffered a great many misfortunes, most of which never happened.” ~ Mark Twain

RT@innovate A Tribute to CK Prahalad - - Rowan Gibson - #ckprahalad #strategy  #tribute #innovation Rethink the future

RT @eMarketer: Consumers Spent Less Time With All Media Except Mobile in 2009 [Stats]  -

RT @themarknews Why Neuromarketing's Time Hasn't Come - April Dunford — THE MARK

RT @gigaom The State of the Internet: Now Bigger, Faster & Mobile 


A Composite View of Mobile Trends

Compiled from many different sources, this set of slides was put together by a European blogger who asked some very influential friends for their perspectives on the future of mobile.


Favorite Tweets of the Day - Fun With Infographics & Consumer Behavior

RT @thejordanrules: Very cool interactive visualization - The mobile intent index - a useful tool #stats -

RT @9swords: 20 incredible infographics, interactives and data visualizations

Amazing motion-graphics visualization video from @jess3 on State of the Internet - @techcocktail (RT @GeniusRocket)


The Internet Past, Present and Future

...brought to you by Comscore. And despite there being a clear promotional message embedded in the video, I think you'll find the summary of insights and range of people represented in this video entertaining. I especially enjoy the last line that begins, "without data, you've got..."



Majority of Internet Users Don't Share

CXP2WR2VBQHG - A recent report by eMarketer on the trends in user-generated content indicates that less than half of the world's Internet users maintain a social networking profile or upload photos and videos to a website. In addition, with more than 130 million blogs indexed by Technorati, less than 13% of US users surveyed engaged in writing a blog.

See the complete story on Technorati by clicking here.

And if you are wondering about the funky alphanumeric at the start of this post, Technorati elves are using it and you can ignore it.


[Video] Bad design decisions as economic stimulus

I have an iPhone TED application and I have, as you can see in the siderail of this site, a number of videos from TED, a small nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. TED started in 1984 as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design. What could be more closely aligned to the intersection of my passions, eh?

Some of the talks are timeless and riveting from the first frame. Some are actually a little dense and challenging to track to a key takeaway. I try to select the videos in my Vodpod Vodspot that are most accessible to the broadest group of readers. But occasionally I want to highlight some of the more arcane videos I love, and here's one I'd encourage you to watch, even though the set up to the key takeaway requires a little investment.

As you can see, during the early days of the Internet, people had not really envisioned all the implications of the design decisions engineers made. What innovators can contribute to the economy can occasionally be the necessity of continued support of a bad design decision.