The Consumer Matters is the blog of Leslie Grandy, aka Gearhead Gal.  My passion is creating and delivering compelling products that delight customers through simple and elegant user experience design.

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An Interview with Bill Buxton on The State of Design

"What do you see being the biggest trends in technology over the next three to five years?

I see a shift to a place where we won't be dazzled just because a product is well designed and works well. Our collective customers should be able to take that for granted, and it is our job to make it so. But that is not enough. The problems of design and complexity do not go away, even if we all surpass that bar. Rather, they just move to a different place: the complexity that is emerging in terms of how all of these (individually) easy to use devices work together. We need a comprehensive ecosystem that combines elements of each to produce an integrated set of experiences for people, so they don't have to manage each of the underlying separate devices."

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Good Things Come In Small Packages

Thanks to my friend, Mark Hall for pointing this out to us. The simplicity of the interaction model belies some very creative thinking. Hang around for the whole video to see the amazingly cool applications these little cookie-sized tiles enable.  An advancement beyond touch screens, these interactive squares are actually calculating and reacting to the motion around them.