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The Gadget Lovers' Answer to Burning Man - CES 2013 Preview

Your holiday gift list may be filled with gadgets, but right after you've opened all your presents the friendly people who made them will tell you that your newest tech toys are very shortly going to be too big, too slow or just too limited in their capabilities.

Each year in early January, consumer electronics manufacturers, automotive companies, and entertainment industry deal makers converge on Las Vegas by the hundreds of thousands for the annual gadget-lovers' answer to Burning Man, the Consumer Electronics Show. 

Click here to find out what the Consumer Electronics Association previewed to press and analysts before the next edition of this (in)famous industry trade show.


CES 2011 Video Moments

I hope you enjoy these two video montages of the sites and sounds of CES. It's a visual and auditory mashup, but so is walking around the show floor.

And, just in case you think it's all glam and glitter at CES, please see my post on Technorati, Ten Things I Hate About CES.


All I Want For Christmas Is...



Balancing Work-Life Memory 

The folks over at pointed me to this double duty USB memory stick (that launched last summer), which makes it easy to separate home photos and files from work documents and spreadsheets in a single drive housing.  I don't know about you, but I always hate it when I need to transfer a slide deck to a colleague on a USB stick that has photos named "car accident" or "dog tricks." They inevitably want to open them, and I'd just as soon avoid the conversation altogether.   Thanks to the segregated, double-sided USB memory stick which works with the flick of a switch, I can keep my personal media separated from co-worker's prying eyes.


A Quake Shake Creates Light

The batteries in my flashlight are often dead when I grab it. So in an emergency I always have to be sure I have a supply of the right sized batteries. But imagine you're in an earthquake, and all you can reach is your flashlight. Wouldn't it be cool if the thing got a little charge from all that shaking and just worked? And how great that it floats and works under water, too! Then there's the added treat that it's eco-friendly, with no batteries to recycle.

Keep your light burning till help arrives with a little shake in extreme hot or cold. 90 seconds lasts 20 minutes. Thanks, Daily Grommet gals!

No batteries? No problem. The NightStar CS2 is the world’s first renewable energy shake flashlight. Just shake it for 90 seconds and you'll see the light. NightStar uses repulsion magnets to rebound the charging magnet, which is the most efficient way of de-accelerating and re-accelerating the charging magnet.