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The Reality TV I'll Admit to Watching

I have to admit it...I'm a Shark Tank addict. Even though I wouldn't buy a lot of the products on the show, one of the things I love about it is how the program champions the value of the "speed pitch", a concept most entrepreneurs struggle with. Getting quickly to an easy-to-understand value proposition is the first place most pitch folks trip. I always know when the Sharks ask a presenter, "what are you actually selling?" that things will go south fast. 

Another common refrain that forebodes "no deal" from the Sharks is "what you are saying is that you want me to work for my money?" Sharks then go on to lament that the entrepreneur is merely a poseur, and not adequately driven to make their potential business successful. 

For more lessons to be learned from watching Shark Tank, click here to read the Fast Company rundown. 


A Guy Walks Into A Bar...

No, this isn't another story about that prototyped and hyped next gen phone. The guy that walked into the bar was Michael Ohrbach, of Cascadia Capital, an investment bank in Seattle. The bar was the Celtic Swell, and it just happens to be co-owned by Joleen Winther Hughes, whose Hughes Media Law Group sponsors a series of events there to support the local start-up community. 

Ohrbach laid out a series of charts and graphs to show the trends in funding for new business ventures from before the "econolypse" through today, with a compelling case that angel and venture funds are flowing to fewer projects with rigorous business plans, "and not just to inventors with a good idea." He maintains the Internet is still a driver of investment capital, and validated the continuing love affair investors have with consumer technology.


Hughes Media Law Presents: Cascadia Capital - Venture Funding In Today's Market from Gearheadgal on Vimeo.