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Three Informative Reports on Digital Content Trends

I get a lot of interesting white papers, blog posts, and ebooks merchandised to me from all of the sites and lists and groups I subscribe to across the web, as I am sure you do, too. Who has time to read them all? Well, fortunately for you, I have had a little more time on my hands this past week to read, since I am in the process of moving and have lost my my cable subscription. So as a public service, I have curated links to three of the most interesting ones I uncovered.

1. Newstex's blog often has a few pearls and insights whch I find brief and helpful, like this one they recently posted about the 2014 Reuters Institute Digital News Report, which is also summarized in this video. Participants in the study by YouGov, which served as the basis for the report, were from 10 different countries, and "according to the report, 37% of consumers access news from a smartphone each week, and 20% access news from a tablet each week." 

2. On a similar track, eMarketer posted an article on the trend in mobile consumption of media based on data released earlier this month by GfK MRI Starch Advertising Research, and based on May 2014 polling by IDG Global Solutions. "The research found that among smartphone and tablet users worldwide whose devices had replaced other media, print newspapers saw the most abandonment, with 50% of tablet owners switching over to mobile news, and 41% of smartphone users doing the same."

3) Over on GigaOm, Carmel DeAmicis wrote about Facebook's new Save feature, which is a help to Facebook's media partners, since the feature is not accessible when it comes to saving social content from friends. "The only content you can revisit is that of Facebook groups or external articles, music and videos. In other words, Facebook’s Save feature is only for saving media, not for saving social activity." This feature is one I have often wanted as a consumer, and it will be interesting to see if content publishers see a change in consumer behavior as a a result of Facebook adding it. Clearly the consumpion of media from social streams is increasing, and the source of news is often our friends, who are sharing as I am with you.



A Cartoon History of Social Networking


Understanding The "Media" Part of Social Media

If you put up a website a few years ago, and thought that's all you needed to do because you don't sell direct or don't expect much more from your website than to serve as digital collateral, you are probably one of the many marketers who has also yet to develop a social strategy for driving customers to your branded online destination.

The truth is, however, that once you posted the digital assets associated with your branded URL, you became a publisher. As a publisher, you need an editorial calendar, and a distribution plan for your content that goes beyond the HTML pages associated with your domain. The plan, which extends your own properties and connects with the communities of interest where your customers congregate, must thoughtfully design and inject digestible content bits into the social web which place your brand, products and services into the sometimes temporal but influential conversations that occur before someone considers making a purchase.



Marketing in the Age of Social Media

I enjoyed this presentation by Edward Boches (@edwardboches), Chief Creative Officer at Mullen, recently named #3 in Ad Age's A List. So, naturally, I thought I'd share it.