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My Top 5 Product Management Blogs

As a community service, I thought it might be time to re-run the bases on product management blogs I check in on. Here's an update on ones you might also find valuable. 

1. MindTheProduct is an international product community. Started in 2010 with the very first ProductTank meetup in London and followed by the Mind the Product Conference in 2012 it has now grown to consist of 5,000 members and sold out events in 21 cities around the world.

2. Jeremy Horn is an award-winning,  product management veteran with fifteen years of experience leading and managing product teams.  His blog is The Product Guy.  As founder of The Product Group, he has created the largest product management meetup in the world and hosts the annual awarding of The Best Product Person.

3. The Silicon Valley Product Group (SVPG) was created to share senior level experience and best practices with technology companies. Our Partners all come from industry, where each has held senior level executive positions delivering industry-leading products. We are not career consultants.  Our Partners are all experienced and successful company executives with both startup and Fortune 500 experience.

4. I came upon Jackie Bavaro's Quora blog and found it had some good nuggets for a drive by viewing. She posts her thoughts and discussion on how to be a great Product Manager. Jackie is a Product Manager at Asana and co-author of Cracking the PM Interview.

5. And the meta product management blog can be found here at Alltop's PM site.



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