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Digital Innovation and The Media

Amidst all of the reporting about the Jill Abramson departure from the New York Times were several mentions of this killer digital report that was recently made public and analyzed the state of digital at the Gray Lady.  Some analysis of this report has been made, mostly in the context of the NY Times drama. However, the report stands firmly on its own, even without the journalistic Game of Thrones that has given it even greater meaning.

Notably, the report rehashes the meaning of disruptive innovation, gives more responsibility for audience development to players outside the marketing department, and promotes the notion of practicing and testing, seems to indicate just how slowly and begrudgingly the New York Times company (along with many other media giants) has faced the digital age. Meanwhile companies born in the digital age and driven by digital technology innovations have already stipulated these facts years ago, and built brands and media platforms that assume the world is changing.


Here is The Full New York Times Innovation Report


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