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Weekend Survey - Downloadable Apps

There is so much talk about the importance of apps and smartphones, but my focus group of family and friends would tell you that is mostly what it They don't live and die by the number of apps available once they get the handful of games, news and sports they like. If they even have a smartphone. And the agitation to download apps seems to diminish. I have often heard, "There are just so many of them it's hard for me to take the time to discover and try the ones I might like. Who has the time?

I often worry about the way we as technology innovators try to lead customers to new behaviors.  What we think is the "next new thing", many consumers talk about doing, but sometimes are not motivated enough to ACTUALLY do. To see where other folks may fall on this topic, I'm broadening the sample size by formalizing the poll below. So please vote and see are there more downloaders or a talkers. And feel free to add any additional comments around your vote below the poll.

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